Contact sheet of pictures taken by Jeromie Stephens.

Contact sheet of pictures taken by Jeromie Stephens.

Anacostia Delta documents a unique time, place and sound. A forgotten music scene borne out of a Washington DC neighborhood and a suburb in a constant state of transformation and the celebrated guitarist who emerged at a time when it was rich in honky-tonks, jazz, blues, country and cocktail bars.

Through the 70's, 80's and 90's the DC area was home to two of the most original guitarists of their time, both playing the Fender Telecaster with its signature sound, Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton. Both left us far too early, both through unexpected circumstances, and both left a legacy and legions of fans world-wide.

This film captures the sound and atmosphere of a music scene that thrived in a region that Danny Gatton himself dubbed the “Anacostia Delta.”  A distinct sound that many out-of-town musicians recognized as truly unique.

The story is told, first hand, by musicians who were part of that scene, those who played music with Gatton and Buchanan and those who carry the torch today.  Featuring rarely seen historic photos, archival footage and fan videos, Anacostia Delta offers a personal perspective on this unique music scene from it’s beginnings at the dawn of Rock and Roll, to it’s roots in country music through Danny Gatton’s heyday as the blisteringly fast, genre bending TeleMaster.

Anacostia Delta focuses its lens on this often overlooked part of DC’s musical history that left an indelible mark on the world.  



Production & Marketing Team

a Barnstorming Productions film in association with NCI tv.

Bryan Reichhardt: Director
Suzanne Brindamour: Producer
Paul Glenshaw: Producer                                                                                                                                         Ken Avis: Producer
John Previti: Musical Director
Mathieu Mazza: Director of Photography


Graphic Design: Marty Baumann.
Stage Managers: Lynn Veronneau, Sara Murphy, Tommy Maddox and Richard Clifton.