January 29, 2017

Anacostia Delta Storytellers @ the Creative Cauldron, Falls Church, VA.

featuring Dave CHAPPELl, Anthony Pirog, John Previti and Barry Hart.  come hear some world class musicians playing Anacostia Delta style and hear stories about their work and FRieNDSHIPS with local heroes.

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Seating is limited.  Get Tickets here.


February 25, 2017    

Sneak Preview @ The Amp powered by Strathmore!

AMP logo 2.jpg

AMP presents a sneak preview of  Anacostia Delta: Home of the World's Great “Unknown” Guitarists. Meet the filmmakers and musicians, and hear a live Anacostia Delta performance at this special screening.

Hear about DC’s influential music scene from those who inspired and who were inspired by Gatton—those who carry the torch, performing the intoxicating mix of blues, jazz, and country music that he played…a sound recognized around the world as truly unique.


Location:  AMP by Strathmore  •  11810 Grand Park Avenue  • North Bethesda, Maryland

Time:        8:00pm   (doors open 90 minutes prior to show.)

In the Works

Here's what we're working on.  

 • National Film Festivals!  Stay tuned!